Our main strength:

“We like people”

Our weakness:

“We care about people”

DBO - The bright side of law,the firm

Dumitrescu Băjenaru Oancea (DBO) started in 2009 by uniting three partners. We have built our work around two principles: we like people and we enjoy what we do. These principles have led us to continuously strive towards becoming better at what we do: effectively employing legal solutions to solve our client’s problems.

Since then, we have built a strong and dynamic team. A team capable to ask the right questions when it comes to our client’s needs and tailor custom solutions for them.

Our main strength? We like people. We like to give them viable legal counsel, while forming close relationships based on trust.

Our main weakness? We care about people. We go to great lengths and we spend a lot of energy just to find the perfect legal solution that will take the pressure off our client’s shoulders.

Whatever the issue, each one of our clients benefits from legal advice and problem solving done in ways that reflect the way we are: young, experienced, dynamic, relaxed and confident, a contemporary legal partner for today’s entrepreneur.