DBO - The bright side of law,environment

Our vast expertise in this domain consists in providing an integrated legal counsel on all issues pertaining to the setting up and running of large industry investments, from the early stage of the permitting process, throughout the authorization procedure and, later on, during the running of the implemented business.

We are constantly involved in daily environmental projects for corporate clients, from legal assistance and representation during unexpected controls of the Environment Guard to counselling, negotiating and drafting of the documents pertaining to green certificates transactions, from complex environment litigations pertaining to different penalties applied by the Environmental Fund to administrative procedures related to the issuing of environment permits for the setting up of different investments.

Furthermore, we maintain for our representative clients a constant relationship with the competent environment authorities and involved environment NGOs, in order to ensure a constant communication on all their pending and future projects with potential environmental impact.

Key projects

Legal assistance and representation

Legal assistance and representation provided to one of the biggest European wood products manufacturer in an environment related control and subsequent litigation pertaining to the cancellation of a decision imposing a 2 and a half million EUR fine.

Legal counseling

Legal counseling provided to the Romanian subsidiary of the one of the biggest European wood products manufacturer in all stages of set up and operating of a formaldehyde plant.

Legal assistance

Legal assistance and representation in the setting up of one of the largest Eastern European OSB factories for all stages of the investment.

Legal counseling

Legal counseling pertaining to the transaction with green certificates on behalf of industrial corporate clients.