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Our real estate practice has been adapted to the new realities of the market. We are involved in complex transactions pertaining to the sale purchase of large properties, assisting in financing of related investments and advocating amiable solutions in jammed transactions by finding restructuring options for the continuance of the operations, conciliating partners or assisting in re-sale options.

In this vivid environment, our assistance covers every step of the process, from performing legal due diligence on the target company and connected real estates, to incorporation of SPV companies aimed at developing the required investment, from drafting and negotiating security means for the developing business to assessing regulatory related issues (in tax, environment and so on).

Our special expertise also relies on securing and/or recovering the property rights for subjects of the special compensation laws, while being consequently involved in diverse transactions with public/private entities pertaining to the lease and/or concession of large real estates for investment purposes of corporate clients.

Key projects

Legal assistance and representation

Legal assistance and representation in the negotiations and signing pertaining to the sale-purchase by a Spanish investment fund of real estate properties for EUR 7.5 million.

Legal assistance provided

Legal assistance provided to one of the biggest European wood products manufacturer in the successful settlement pertaining to the clients real estate assets, estimated at over EUR 2.5 million.

Provided legal counsel

Provided legal counsel to a private Spanish investor in the purchase of 11 hectares of industrial land in Bucharest metropolitan area for over EUR 1 million.

Assisted private investors

Assisted private investors in purchasing over 145 hectares of buildable land in the city of Slobozia, Ialomița County for the development of a complex residential project comprising 300 houses.